Rainbow Kaleidoscope Reflective Vinyl for Embroidery


Rainbow Kaleidoscope Reflective Vinyl for Embroidery

**This is EMBROIDERY vinyl NOT Heat Transfer Vinyl**

-Rolls Measure approximately 13 inches x 54 inches

These rolls are hand cut so measurements should be +- .25inches

This product contains vinyl.  It is not uncommon for vinyl to have an odor to it.  If you find the odor is too strong, we recommend that you use Febreze on the backing, wipe down the front, or store it with a dryer sheet to help with the odor. 

This is Reflective Vinyl used for Embroidery and Bows. It has a brushed cotton backing and is covered with a smooth PVC Finish. It is .6mm thick and is flexible. It is easy to cut and on the thinner side. It is a premium glitter vinyl so it can be heated on a LOW setting if you are applying tender touch (stitch cover) to the back of an embroidered shirt.