Product Lookup Preview

the creator
Hi I'm Angela!

A few years ago I realized I had a passion for creating unique designs that both parents and children can enjoy!

Kids Custom Designs was inspired by this little cutie, my daughter. ❤️

I am happy to say I have a home office where I have 6 embroidery machines!

Feel free to follow my journey over the years on Youtube!

Our Mission

To provide small businesses with High-Quality Ribbon, Fabric and Vinyl for their crafting needs!

It all started at a Flea Market

In 2016, Angela founded Kids Custom Designs. She began her embroidery journey by lugging her heavy embroidery machine, with her husband, into a rented flea market stall every weekend. She would create custom same-day t-shirts and tutus as customers stopped by.

When the demand became too high, she opened her Etsy Shop to allow customers to purchase items in advanced and have the option to pick up locally every weekend at the Flea Market.

We needed to think about a bigger audience

Once her Etsy Shop took off, she stopped working at the flea market and began her full-time work from home Embroidery Business!

Since Day 1, she has been the only creator behind all of your wonderful custom-made Embroidery shirts in her Etsy Shop!

Feel free to check it out to have a shirt made directly from our founder!

We aren’t the only ones that need crafting supplies!

We expanded beyond custom outfits and began selling Embroidery Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Ribbon and Fabric to other small businesses that are on the same journey!