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Setting Your Etsy Shop up For Success!
Setting Your Etsy Shop up For Success!


Setting Your Etsy Shop up For Success!

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This video training is for those who are SERIOUS about their business and are ready to put in the work to see it succeed! 

In this 55 minute, 8 part video training series, we discuss several critical topics for Etsy shop success. Whether you are just beginning your Etsy journey or have had a shop open for months to years. If you are unhappy with your sales, you will find tons of value in this step by step! 

***These techniques will help ANY Etsy shop grow, not just children’s items***

Angela covers...

1. Step by step creation of an Etsy shop from scratch. Which includes a full breakdown/commentary.

2. Creating effective titles for your products that work with Google/Etsy SEO.

3. How to create tags for your listings that will render your items higher in search results.

4. How to create proper thumbnails for your listings to attract buyers.

5. Which photos to include in your listing to increase sales.

6. Step by step creation of effective shipping profiles for quicker listing setup and adding order rush fees.

7. The importance of your Etsy shops appearance in getting a sale.

8. Tons of Angela’s personal experience and commentary on what has made her Etsy shop so successful over the years! 

No refunds will be issued due to the digital nature of this product.

Where Dreams Are Created

All items are handmade by me in my home office. This is the exact room where I design and create their special items!

Quality Materials

I use top quality materials to make each and every item! The ribbon I sell is the same Ribbon I use to make each and every Ribbon Tutu I offer!